World's Greatest Shave (2017)

-web development with mango chutney

One of Australia's biggest fundraisers from the Leukaemia Foundation. I worked on the micro-site and fundraising dashboard for World's Greatest Shave 2017.

It was a bit daunting working on something that thousands of people are going to use and see. When I first started at Mango Chutney, I worked on other Leukaemia Foundation events but working on Shave was a little intimidating.

World’s Greatest shave has been around for years; it was something I didn’t want to screw up. Not that you would want to screw up for anything anyway, but the scale was definitely up there.

I think the team did an amazing job revamping the fundraising dashboard with a clean design, adding handy fundraising features and making it responsive.

This was my first venture into React so here are some things you can blame me for:

  • The feature tour
  • The downloads widget
  • General site maintenance

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