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Abominable Monsters

My Weird Colouring Book

Filled with scribbly creatures, Abominable Monsters is a collection of sketches that I turned into a colouring book. This book was my venture in drawing something weird... something abominable. When I was younger I was always caught up in trying to draw realistic and trying to make it flawless. Concepting these monsters were part of letting go, being a bit loose and trying something abstract.

Coming soon - I'll be selling my book at this AVCON July 2017

Meanwhile you download some of the pages for free:

who the hell am i?

I'm Francisco Martinez, from the radelaide state of South Australia. I have way too many dreams and fortunately, I'm too stupid that I'm actually gonna try pursue them.

I'm a Developer from the fabled mango chutney, transfigurating and chiselling websites until it looks nice. I graduated from Flinders University in 2016 with a Bachelors of Information Technology (Digital Media) which was a mixture of half (more like 70%) IT and half Creative Arts.

In my spare time currently I am working on Abominable Monsters but these monsters are basis for some of my other upcoming works such as in animations and hopefully a game. When I procrastinate you can find me listening to way too much asian music, watching variety shows or making dumb things like this.

Writing about oneself is really awkward so without further adieu, check out my work! I'm constantly adding things and changing things up here. This site is basically my playground where I experiment devvy things and show my friends and family what I've done.

Projects I've worked on

Here you can some web dev and miscellaneous projects i've work on in the past. Maybe you can figure out which bits I developed and blame me for them hehe :D.

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